CovId-19 Alert

At the backdrop of enhancement in the cases of coved 19 UK is all set to cancel exodus and entries across the country. 

Which appears correct following the retreat of the pandemic in the country.

India too has come forward and Maharashtra government has announced of checking the embarkation of the visitors from Spain, UK, France, Germany etc. and also has declared curfew imposition from 11PM to 5AM.

The target group with the new strains appears to be even now children too with the elderlies at risk.

The other good news is to ensure that the vaccine undergoing trial and about to be launched is no way a limiting factor with this outbreak and ramdesivir the drug for treating Covid-19 must be checked and ensured that the same is not sold higher than the MRP.

The state of MP appears vigilant on the same for the orders of the same effects are on cards.

The pandemic is likely to pose many challenges and there is every possibility that the resistance of the drug develops thus this is all the more important to be careful for the same that the indiscriminate drug use also needs to be restricted.

Right now the only solution that seems to escape from the outbreak and remain aloof from this situation is that we must remain alert and away from socializing, remain away from the crowded places and maintain the safe distance to cover up and prevent  the risks factors.

More than the medications these guidance and preventions shall be of immense benefits coupled with the immunity boost up efforts that are well within our reach and each Indian kitchen has the remedies for the same.

Regular Practice of TM,YOGA and trying to be with the natural resources for life and for food is perhaps the correct strategy to counter this unwanted call of nature.

- Sunil S Okhade

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