Covid 19 and its concerns

Covid 19 has been a great concern for the past over six months.

The pandemic has claimed an enormous amount of lives and has created a pandemonium on above account world over.

The recent reports are indicative of certain positive signs.

As reported many states report lesser cases and good recoveries since the last 8- 9 days there has been hardly any case reported which is welcome status and therefore this is expected that next over three months  may be decisive and may report significantly less number of cases.

The crisis undoubtedly calls for serious attention from all and that’s the reason the public awareness programs have been initiated for the general understanding and health care assurances of the people in general.

Lots of misconceptions and rumors obviously take shape under such circumstances that calls for another awareness program.

However the programs for awareness have been instrumental in safeguarding responsible individuals that is for sure.

This is explicit now that the corona virus is here to stay may be a few more days and incidentally there is no clear prognosis as of now for covid 19.

All that is recommended is the distancing, remaining away from the crowd and adherence to certain norms like putting on a mask in public places. Using essential sterilization or sanitization in order to get rid of any suspicion even of the ailment.

Indeed this is obligatory to ensure that all the recommended measures are strictly adhered to combat the dreaded causative organism of covid 19.

The primary symptoms that may point towards novel corona is the temperature, dysnoea or difficulty in breathing, and pneumonia. Headache may persist on account of fever.

This is transmitted through the droplets of the diseased persons coughing, sneezing, if any person is in contact with an infected person he is more likely to get infected that’s the reason this is advised to remain away from the madding crowd and thus escaping the possibilities of  catching infection.

People who are there with compromised immunity and are exposed to any kind of respiratory ailments are subject to the higher risk with the covid 19, however many factors that are the age, people suffering from diabetes,respiratory issues, hypertension and immunocompromised patients are considered at the high risk.

Although till now no vaccine is discovered that can claim safe remedy of covid 19, trials are undergoing for finding the suitability of the medicine to the human.

Moreover, there are many homemade remedies that can keep us away from the problem i.e use of turmeric, black piper, clove, kadha, amla, etc that is available with every Indian kitchen.

What can keep us safe is remaining away from socializing and covering face with masks in crowded places if needed to go but must avoid exposure to public or crowded places as possible as that is off course needless to mention now that it has propagated since long.

Another aspect about corona that is commonly mentioned is the development of antibodies and that ascertain the prognosis as is envisaged.

In Fact the antibodies are actually a blood protein that appears in the system the moment we encounter any foreign material such as virus, bacteria, pollen etc to which scientifically stated to be an antigen.

Antibodies are produced over the days in the immune system of the body following the response and thus antigen antibody reaction indeed is protective cover normally for the human system.

Yet, in corona virus infection the implication of antibody test is realized often at the recovery phase while one type of rapid diagnostic test   can demonstrate the antigen present in the respiratory tract thus enabling the required antibody to counter the antigen. Such tests are best at acute and the beginning of the infection.

Many such aspects in general are known to people in the context but few of them have fewer importance for example the food has least attribution in spreading the infection and so are the faeces through spread as is often stated.

Lots of water drinking in general is useful for health not specifically in covid however drinking water has no harm whatsoever.

Similarly checking temperature is a precautionary measure not the decisive factor in the context, for the tested person in your premises may also be at incubation period and the symptoms may persist or may be  masked with the use of certain remedial antipyretics the evidence of the symptoms may appear later yet this exercise is useful to detect the risk cases.

- Sunil S Okhade

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