Delhi NCR’s Acid test with ongoing pandemic

Pollution at and around NCR Delhi has been a burning question nevertheless the stated precautions of Odd even formula and what not in past few years.

Yet, the particulate matter remains the cause of concern notwithstanding all said and  done.

The respiratory ailments have always been pointed for the speedy spread of current pandemic.

 While, the compromised lungs functioning has been a greater cause of concern at and around Delhi. Need has always been to address these issues yet the pandemic has rather further worsened the existing deteriorating condition to the worst.

The Apex court’s order has  categorically mentioned the strict adherence of the norms and made the pollution control executives to be vigilant to ensure that the existing problems does not give rise further complications for now ensuing winter might have newer challenges in the light of pandemic.

Notwithstanding,the clear instructions to do away with the frequent use of diesel generators in order to limit the pollution to some extent coupled with the neighboring Haryana to spread pollution with its pariyali fumes that ignites the already debilitated status to further complications.

With all the kind of economic challenges to fight with the pandemic, the social distancing and the existing particulate matter that attributes significantly to the respiratory ailments keeping at rise, managing the pandemic front becomes more troublesome but the challenges posed consequently needs a positive address.

Municipal authorities must use the good quality fuels and ensure the pollution at the low key to the best of the possible available remedies.

Although a tough task yet Delhites have been hope full to combat the pandemic created problems in association with the existing polluted Delhi.

Rather than passing the buck it’s time to see to it that the paucity of funds or the lack of concern must not aggravate the compromised health of the public of Delhi NCR.

- Sunil S Okhade

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