Derogatory remark pollutes

Often when this is referred that immediately after the independence the standard of political debates whether during the parliament sessions or even when the public meetings are addressed the mention of the opposition always used to be with decency.
The disparaging mentions now a days that we often come across, irrespective of any political party often puts under the suspicion that is this the class of today’s politicking?
The kind of the attacks often are made and an attempt of justifying those from public forum indicates the serious implications and points towards serious inferences for the future politicians.
It’s certainly not the right precedence’s that are set by the most senior politicians in the recent past and the kind of war erupted recently and the shameful justification of the incidences.
Derogative remarks irrespective of the gender itself is not acceptable and if this is for women then this alerts that the kind of mentions might perhaps only now pollute the existing environment where bringing down and tarnishing the images only are the prime object.
TV Debates have crossed alal the limits of decency where instigation only appears to be the right method of putting the opinions across.
The kind of languages used during such discussions by the panelists and the attempt of the moderator as well does not appear to arrest the efforts of propagation rather seems that the summing up of the so called debate might give rise to the inflammatory speeches later.
Every activity boils down only to the vote politics and perhaps for the incremental trps as is evident from the recent incidences of the similar context.
Need of the hour is to see this in right perspective for the better representations of the individual interests.
World over the scene appears to be of the similar kind, be it India or USA, the indecent gestures, propagations, are there in the air. It’s now really tough to ascertain whether this is the statement of disgruntled or those who claim their right full deserve for the position and wish to drive the franchise to their favor.
It’s alarming and said that no senior leadership is trying to put an end to it rather putting fuel into it for flames to rise up.
Point to seriously look into and implement, not to overlook for ensuring a  better political class.

- Sunil S Okhade

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