Dissidents of TMC

Trinmul Congress is facing crisis situations and from all the recent exodus this appears that something is drastically wrong in the inner circle of the party. The resignations of stalwarts that had a major influence in many constituencies and the statement smelling dissidence is felt from the senior party workers like MLA Dalmiya as well appeared disturbed and disappointed with the party. She mentioned the corruption of the party seniors vividly that has many hidden messages.

This is reported that the constant humiliations of the senior and pillars of the party in the hands of the abhishek Banerjee the nephew of CM and the party’s advisor Kishore has had number of occasions when the seniors in the party felt neglected and humiliated that is considered to be the root cause of the current debacle .

His is erroneous to notice that nevertheless thee fact that must be well noticed by Mamta di she is not initiating for the reforms and reconsiderations for any such disgruntled leaders.

Meanwhile there appears attempts of even trying to depolarize the vote banks of TMC by bringing Ovasi in the state politics and the efforts thus is to further damage the reputation of Mamta’s TMC that is a clear indication that needs to be understood by even The persons like Prashant Kishore whose primary responsibility is to consolidate the party position.

Anywhere in the History debacle always has been instrumental to the dictatorship and over confidence or over enthusiasm even.

Many a times underestimating the opposition's reactions and strategies cost dear that is in such instances often goes unheeded.

Is it an indication of the difficulty for the incumbent? 

The circumstances of course show the same.

The question is that the state deserves its due development that has been always under scanner and question following many whimsical policies that needs to be corrected upon.

An opportunity for BJP to get into the state politics appears bright the time shall be decisive of course.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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