Dubious intent of Pakaistan

Popular for her dubious intentions on records, Pakistan has entered into a new agreement with India of not breaching the ceasefire and creating ruckus across the LOC.

The two DGMOS have agreed upon.

Indian state off course have been seriously adhering to the laid down norms yet the history has evidences to support the thought that the neighboring Pakistan is not trustworthy and notwithstanding the previous agreements too, the state of Pakistan has often violated the norms and thus habitually been repeating the same in spite of  signing the agreements of establishing peace.

The fact is that we have two peculiar neighbors Pakistan and China that have no consistency and commitment in their assurances be it political, diplomatic or any other.

This certainly shall always be a welcome by India provided Pakistan does not again indulge in her strategies of putting India into an adverse situation with the wicked plans. 

This is truly impossible to believe Pakistan for its peace assurances what so ever the state of Pakistan commits. 

However, a chance of establishing peace is looked forward even under all the circumstances for the Indian priorities is peace in the continent.

We must always look ahead for the optimum growth and must embrace changes with open heart forgiving the past mistakes for the better future yet this is not easy said and done and also possible to happen with the togetherness with honest intentions.

Not difficult if considered and wished for.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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