Envious China

China is a mischievous neighbour always keeps on inciting through the illegal intrusions and attempting to claim the border lands as theirs on cross border disputes.
Under the current circumstances the china’s aspirations are at stake witnessing the growth and height of India world over. Ambitious china is worried of the rising status of India while this is a fact that if china keeps peaceful relations, this is in mutual interest.
Jai Shankar Prasad the apt diplomat and external affairs minister who has a long experience and considered to be the china expert with his years managing the Chinese issues has well-done recently making the neighbour country realize the importance of the mutual trust and interest that would go long way for the long-term relations bilaterally.
The challenge is only in establishing bilateral pacts with the records of the same expressing disappointed record of china for the bonding. 
China has always been selfish and inciting nation when this comes to the peace. 
China is playing with Pakistan and so it takes up the trivial matters always to a serious status.
Overall record of china has always been suspicious, history has those records  envisaged and   can be looked back for the inferences.
The attempts of cross border intrusions speaks loud and clear of the ill intentions of China.
Jai Shankar Prasad has well done in proposing the eight steps the basic of which is indeed embedded in only mutual cooperation and the mutual interest for which china has very insignificant concerns is evident from its all-time attitude and stand in the respect.

- Sunil S Okhade

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