Farmer's protest and uproar in Both the Houses of Parliament 

Farmers' protest is gaining new strength with the emotional call of Rakesh Ticket who is coordinating with various unions for the cause.

The upper and lower house functioning is getting halted following the uproars witnessed by the opposition benches.

Yesterday in Upper house Gulam Nabi Azad appealed PM to initiate dialogue with the farmers,he also mentioned of repealing article 370 in the greater interest of the people of J&K and stated that the farmers need not be described as traitors or ultras they are our “Anna data “ so they deserve the due respect and attention. He appealed to the PM to speak and address the issue himself.

Minister Tomar has once again clarified that the three laws enacted have been discussed at length and in the greater interest of the farmers the same is brought for that will benefit the small farmers who slog for selling their produce with the price that can bring them respectable returns while the middle man as is existing today enjoy the lion’s share

Azad also protested for the allegations of sedition on ex Minister like Tharoor he claimed that how Tharoor may be an anti-national who represented an important department and represented the nation globally?

Meanwhile one rehana’s controversial statement in context of farmers protest is taken up seriously by all not Home Minister Shah criticized but the famous personalities like Virat kohali,Sachin Tendlkar,Akshay Kumar,Ajay Devgan,Lata Mangeshkar all have stated in one language that the matter is absolutely domestic and our nation can handle the situation brilliantly for which no more foreign comments and intervention is required. All suggested to refrain from unsolicited concerns from the global and unauthorized personalities in this respect.

The lower house also witnessed pandemonium in the regard and had to stay the proceedings while Minister Tomar has made a clear point that the farmer’s laws in force are in the interest of all the farmers and the possible amendments were already proposed and discussed however the reluctance somehow of  the leaders of the farmers union has been a limiting factor.The adamancy as is stated of the government is not there in place rather the opposition is trying to put fuel into it while the farmers have been retreating that they do not seek any support of any political party for this agitation is not connected with the political parties and to be held between the government and the farmer unions.

The issue is still burning looking for an amicable solution while the PM says that he is a phone call away from the farmers, the framers insist that the government especially the PM must come forward for the talk.

Opposition making issues of the security arrangements alleging that the arrangements this appears is for defending the enemy’s  steps while farmers are the in-house people for whom the tight security is not a mandate instead it must be extended at the border of neighboring countries for preventing their unauthorized influxes.

Considering the grave situations the solutions could be there in leaving the adamancy and adopting a middle path by either party for which the government appeared ready yet the farmer’s attitude is unfathomable.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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