Finding ways to new rapports with USA

Now the natural query everyone has in his/her mind is how it’s going to be the newer relationship with the new incumbents of the USA.

Whether the trump’s so called cynic behavior which although used to be favoring India continues with the well planned and seriously charted out plans of the new Joe Biden administration that as well have its own reservation for the China policies as appears to be.

China is alleged largely of copying the intellectual properties to its advantage and its cold response towards the issues of Uighur Muslims and global warming for which the USA and china could perhaps work up a joint project and that is a cause of concern that bidden has expressed clearly.

The rising concern for India will obviously be with the change of governance shall be with the methodologies of work.

Trumps policies some way or other nevertheless its peculiarities have always been indo friendly, notwithstanding, this fact India’s worries need an explicit gesture and approval from the new incumbents of USA

The kind of liberty in the policies that are expected to come in force for even the free press journalism etc. coupled with the issues of global warming for which the concern is expressed vividly by Joe Bidden the US elect president’s states of and realizes that China is an imperative aspect for the us administration for they consider china as an important competition in view of the strategies. China’s technological interest USA infers as the 

US china pact may also take a shape subsequently on global warming, Delhi’s concern is to establish and maintain the similar ties with Biden as PM Modi could establish along with the past presidents of the USA i.e with Barack Obama and even with Donald Trump.

Yesterday’s telephonic discussions of President  Joe Biden and PM  Modi on Indo pacific issues especially on peris accord in context of global climate changes that is concern for either country and in Toto for the world.

Both the leaders centered their discussion on regional issues along the rule based global orders he stated. Indo pacific strategy picked up by the past president Trump although  Biden has accepted yet all depend on his serious focus on the same.

A calculated move therefore needs to be strategized very aggressively and well pondered move only must yield desired reciprocations and could leave it for years of future planning.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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