Good Governance and Opposition.

MP CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has unveiled the self-reliant i.e Atma Nirbhar MP Roadmap in which he has assured the state population that soon the development in view of employment generation, by setting up of newer industrial units in the state, improvement in the healthcare industry. Development of MSME Corridor in Chambal region, setting up of green corridor, he as well mentioned of a task force for green agriculture revolution, establishing of the energy corridor, development of around 10000 schools that will be equipped with the basic facilities. 

The new system he envisaged for the deendayal project at the district and janpad and at village level thus attempting to organize and setting up a transparent governance in the state.

The state of MP is the first to implement among the states the atmnirbahar Bharat yojna that is the dream of the PM.

Similarly in the same voice the EX CM MP Kamalnath reiterated his plans of staying in MP for the development and the welfare of the state subject following few comments that encircled of speculating his leaving the state following the defeat of congress in the recently held by poll and its verdict.

He categorically and firmly mentioned his concrete plans and motivated party workers to introspect the causes of the defeat and prepare for the 2023 elections for the comeback.

The two incidents speak of good in terms of the future of the state for the state subject can only be assured of impartial governance when a strong and thoughtful opposition exists.

Democracy always looks for the good opposition that can keep a check and suggest concrete plans for the development to the incumbent.

This status is certainly auspicious for the state administration when a capable governance is executed and monitored by the incumbent and opposition party respectively.

All could prove to be good only if the ground realities and work is thoroughly checked and brought to the action for which recent outcomes points towards the good activities and understanding of Shivraj Singh Singh ji led government in the respect.

His local administration appeared better and pragmatic that the main opposition party appears lacking and need to precisely focus for the true reformation of the party functioning, provided it wishes to.

The main opposition partie's gestures and claims do not seem to be marching thus creating confusion and no confidence.

So the need to first address these flaws for the plans and moves as mentioned by Kamalnath, needs its placing effectively on the ground level nevertheless all the enthusiasm expressed for the endeavor that is ahead.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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