Immediate concern of Pakistan

Pakistan’s current situation is miserable with the debts that Pakistan owes.

With the constant appearing and now with the declaration of recently held virtual meet of financial task Force popularly known as FATF that Pakistan shall continue to be in the Grey List status until Pakistan meets the laid down criterion spelled out in 27 points that may free her from the current status.

Grey list keeps on bothering Pakistan in its very need of the financial assistance from various sources that has been a limiting factor and causative of the serious plights that the Pakistan citizens are constantly facing.

The situation is invited by the state of Pakistan herself with the promotion of the terror acts. 

Needless now even for Pakistan to defend that her land has no presence or preparator of the ultras, time and again this has been proved, even the latest Red forte incidence also is alleged to have connections with this neighboring country.  

The question therefore is alarming that whether the Pakistan state has any prerogative of making any claim of her disappointments and harassment at the hand of any one while the own initiation of many steps of Pakistan has dragged the nation in today’s miserable stage where the nation is in the great debt and appears to have no comeback from the same.

The reported debt of Pakistan against China is huge and thus needs very smart provisions and serious implementation for getting rid of the status.

The kind of support that Pakistan looks forward to and does not truly bother for the consequences only show the disastrous and worrisome future ahead although the current situation itself is suggestive of the debacles that might come across.

Need for Pakistan at this juncture is to honestly evaluate the friends and foes for which the urgent need is to clearly see the circumstances and the incidences that go on and not advocating the points with vested interest.

 China appears to assist Pakistan with its long gains and political mileage.

Pakistan must also take up its uiger Muslim population’s plight at china with the similar eloquence that it raises against India that has hardly any relevance and impact on the common population excepting the preparators of terrorism across the border.

The forced intent of opposing the favorable neighbor India may still go a long way for Pakistan to consolidate its position provided the right sense prevails as is evident from the current circumstances.        

- -Sunil S Okhade

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