Impasse seems to be over.

The farmers protest in order to repel the law in question is still on, although yesterday's discussions have broken the impasse and on fourth of January again the discussion shall be held.

The electricity and parali issues have been agreed upon as is understood yet the main objection of MSP still needs discussion as is understood.

One of the important aspects that Rajnath Singh has categorically pointed out is not to undermine and to bring down the institution of the PM Office.

He is indeed very correct in defending the derogatory remarks for the PM and clarified that the PM is not a person but institution and any efforts of undermining the grace of his  position in a way is rather bringing the nation's image down which can never be appreciated.

True one can have the difference of opinion and have the right to protest against the policies or the laws enacted yet defying the common understanding of maintaining the status of high office is no way good.

Similarly using derogatory remarks for the farmers staging dharna is also not acceptable,he clearly disagreed with the objectionable comments for the farmers.

Decency of the protest and the usval discipline pertaining to the nation’s high office are of paramount importance that everyone not only need to realize but to adhere to in the interest of democracy and all the rights that one is conferred upon.

The deadlock on account can only be over with the proper communications in a congenial environment with an attitude of complementing one another with all the considerations and decency.

- Sunil S Okhade

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