Impeachment of Trump

The second impeachment process of past president USA Donald Trump is already set in and this is a kind of a testimony of a different style for his controversial tenure.

Donald Trump is charged with inciting people as a preparator of the dissidence against the USA, which is rather termed as an act of insurrection of president elect Joe Biden.

His first impeachment had no support from the republican. 

The proposed trial for insurrection that has a chance of convicting the past president against the charges of the inciting violence needs 2/3 rd majority and which appears possible and that’s the reason that certain critic suspect that the past president Trump is a flight risk  because with his properties at different countries and his no mood reported to even settling at new York might be at risk of his flying in order to escape from conviction probabilities after the trail in the context is initiated.

This is although peculiar yet precarious for even USA that the Past President has these serious charges against him and the senior law makers are at one point in agreement that the process of late impeachment of the former USA president is constitutionally correct and one conviction following the impeachment is enough for disqualification for the process is not only to fire a person but also to ensure the future opportunities  of assuming office also is arrested consequently.

The two third majority is required to move the trial to the senate. Such an embarrassment must have never been witnessed by any past president that the social sites official account of the president also are banned in view of the possibilities of possible instigation although even twitter commits that this is not in tune with the healthy discussion on any such matter of public importance however the action was circumstantially imperative.

Let us see what is there in store for the ongoing circumstances where the adamancy of the former president is an obstacle for many process that are important to deal with for which the president elect Joe Biden is worried of and one of the priority that could be termed top is the coved 19 issue and trial as well cannot be initiated unless the senate resumes on Jan 19 from the recess.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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