In the context of BRICS

PM Modi during BRICS has once again critically raised voice against the terror activities and condemned terrorism by indirectly directing point towards Pakistan and china who has been silently approving the wicked intentions of the neighbor country. His mention of the countries like France and USA who also have been a great sufferer of the terrorism.

He mentioned this very clearly that such acts should not be tolerated and all the possible efforts must be initiated to combat the act against humanity. He also mentioned the world jihad under which such acts are justified and the same has now reached to the level of the Love Jehad etc.

This is welcome state that the state of MP is all set now to legislate a bill against the Love Jihad the legislation pertains to the independent belief and executions of the religious but not making any one compelled of any such act like love jihad.The proposed imprisonment for the accused of the love jihad is five years.

The cases under this act may be heard on the complaint of the parents and the act shall come under non-bailable ,the people interested in change of their religion must notify in writing to the concerned collector minimum one month prior to actual action in the context. The change of the religion in the name of marriage is serious which is therefore taken with all seriousness by the government of MP and is due for its formal approval by amendment 2020 of MP of the legislation of the respect.

Terrorism by any standard should not be considered  and must be rejected Out rightly for the grievances have legal ways to address and the dissidence does not seem to be good taste in any country, race neither for the societal values as it is an act of arresting the peaceful living of the individual and creating an atmosphere of terror that suppresses the usual growth prospect of the region, state concerned and has a long term effect in view of the peace process and has indeed become now global.

All the efforts in the direction by the world leaders must be appreciated, this is needed and the most appropriate time to raise voice and effectively address this serious issue with collective leadership for pacifying the disgruntled terrorists either by force or through communication. The peace must be restored under any circumstances.



- Sunil S Okhade

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