Incident is not an inadvertent error

Whatever happened during Republic Day at Red Fort and across Delhi is not only shameful but does not even have enough words to condemn. Whatever may be the cause for the protest, the national integrity and its proud tradition is above all. Nevertheless, the reluctance of the government to permit the tractor parade the same was allowed with the predefined routes and with the discipline, decency and with peace yet what happened all are aware.
Many farmer unions now are distancing themselves from the long fought demonstrations that were peaceful and disciplined with all the gentle gestures.
Meanwhile few names have been mentioned and come up as a preparatory or men behind all this. The law shall take the strict course on such incidences for the investigation which has already initiated as reported.
The allegations between the incumbent and the oppositions are already there in the place notwithstanding the visible scene of debacles that speaks of the crystal clear intention of those who initiated for their wicked intention and still are being defended is shameful and cause of worry that where are we heading?
Delhi police this is evident has done well in managing the pandemonium for it appeared as if the same was planned by those who were in the scene of action for they were briefed of the route that they were to take in spite of this the scenes of anarchy on republic day is simply disturbing and speaks of that the leadership as well need to be sensible and responsible enough in creating such a ruckus for such incidences will always be mentioned to set as a precedence. But at the same time opinion of masses is that police should have taken step to prevent such incident specially at red forte using suitable measures. In the name of patience and peace, the integrity of nation can not be compromised. 
Public property and brave police persons had got hurt and many innocent must have had burnt inadvertently their hands in this.
The probe must be on and the people indulged shall be identified and be tried for the same but the incident again spreads a message that the trust once built must be by every means preserved for the better outcomes the violence has never been the solution for any differences of opinion.
This is a lesson to the government and to police, not to believe and accept such ill intended proposals and take appropriate steps to prevent such incidents in future. 

-  Sunil S Okhade

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