India's stubborn neighbour Pakistan

We keep facing hardships and disturbances from our stubborn neighbors. It's not only Pakistan who often baselessly intervene and instigate Indian borders but also China keep pushing border issues over and again for pity reasons.

Incidences of approaching and creating ruckus on border for cross border influx are regular tactics across China and Pakistan borders.

 Indian side always with a cool mind yet with brave instinct faces and accomplishes all the unforeseen circumstances, nevertheless the evil intents of the neighbor.

Pakistan has recently alleged some mishappenings in POK again which is not clear and being reiterated by Indian side that this is Pakistan propaganda and not the truth.

The very insecurity that now linger in the mind of Pakistan governance is obvious realizing the precarious situation in which the state is in and finds it even tough to convene and convince domestically not only to the opposition yet to the own party people.

The frustration thus leads to baseless claims and arguments that do not seem to be in line with the democratic procedures thus go in vain.

China as well is a bit disturb reportedly  with the trade ties being refused on various grounds even the latest being the issue of General Motors process of closing down with the Maharashtra unit situated at Talegaon by 25 th December and finding no headways with other companies amalgamation circumstantially.

The Indo- Vietnam discussion between both the heads of the states scheduled for the day have the Chinese content in common. India will hold discussion with Vietnam on Maritime territorial disputes with China of Vietnam and subsequent progress in question of high speed boat allocation, reportedly the first of its batch was brought by L&T that might be introduced in the ensuing week.

Indo Vietnam discussions may have at the backdrop the security and defense across the South China Sea and many other related affairs for discussions.

Vietnam as well has certain common agendas for them to settle with China thus making the meeting important in view of our neighbor china.

So the two have the common issue with china considering its focus on expansions and both the countries therefore are concerned with it, Indian side has off course tried to restrict therefore the trade ties limited subsequently.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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