Indigenous defense production

PM Modi has emphasized on indigenous defense productions and reminded of the network of ordnance factories across the country which have gone haywire post-independence. We were rather exporting those days and now the status is reversed and all imported arms are used.

PM Modi after taking up his tenure kept on pointing and creating an atmosphere for the very cause that requires very serious and meticulous planning.

An idea that is created can turn into an entrepreneur but the imperative aspect of any such vision necessarily needs serious planning vis a vis implementation. It's not easy said and done.

The indigenous defense production is no exception to the same and probably the government has understood the truth for which rather making any tall claims and assurances the government appears to get itself prepared for the very project instead running after the same without any concrete plan and this is indeed a welcome move.

Government’s priority to ensure the production plans in coordination with public private sectors seems to be the conclusion of the same line of thought that may be pragmatic enough to go ahead in the right direction.

The efforts are initiated for this great thought that makes self-reliance as a mantra for success and the incumbent therefore can devise the appropriate strategies for this great cause.

- Sunil S Okhade

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