Insecurities are loud

The voting in USA has entered in an interesting rather a bit irresponsible and disturbing turn when the incumbent President Mr. Trump insists on stopping vote counting and expressing his approach to the Supreme Court defending his claim of some flaws in the voting.

In the USA where the processes of any kind are adroitly done and people in general are alert enough towards their own franchise and decisions in exercising the same keeping in above view, the doubts obviously are raised in the air for the intent of the incumbent President.

That is perhaps setting a wrong precedence if accepted and this is the specific reason as to why Mr. Trump gets hardly any support from the nation even the responsible leadership of his own party also has made clear that the views of Trump in the contexts are his personal and are condemned. Except few of his die hard supporters none has advocated his statement of manipulations claimed by him in the electoral process.

The kind of suspect brought before considering the trends in the counting is testimony of his thought process and is clear indicative of the intimidating intent of his for the vested interest.

Mr. Biden  is right in asserting that this not his or Mr. Trump's business to declare the victory or defeat and he has assured his supporters that all the legal supports are kept ready and every ballot shall be counted even if Mr. Trump moves to the court the sensible voting process will get its due. Whosoever wins, the verdict is already deposited in the ballot boxes and so the only counting completion may be the decisive factor of the process  after the same is declared by the competent authorities in the context.So no any other can have such impressions to spread over as is instigated supposed to be circumstantially.

Actually the indications are there for Biden to get through for which the insecurities of the incumbent are loud. However, the same does not seem to be any ways assistance to whomsoever initiates be it even the President USA as may be expected of.

This will be interesting to note the poll outcome now thereto.

- Sunil S Okhade

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