International Women’s Day

Now a days we often see that enormous amount of emphasis is on celebrations on many days of various gratitude.

Today is the day celebrated as International Women’s Day.

Throughout the day, today the attributions of women in the society and gratefulness towards their unconditional affectionate role shall be proclaimed.

We need to pause and think over that the role and attributions of a woman in our life does not long and last for one day.

Right from the first breath we take, our gratefulness towards a woman starts and therefore we remain indebted to them.

However, the cause of great concern is the social fabric and its intricacies towards women.

Cause of concern today is the atrocities and surprisingly domestic atrocities that keeps women under severe pressure.

Nevertheless, all such situations women has been relentlessly coping with all the adversities and paving way for herself.

The true reciprocations towards women is to ensure her dignity and grandeur today when she is in action.

Women's attributions in men’s life is beyond description.

Be this mother, the first teacher and affectionate person loves and forgives mistakes unconditionally.

Be this the sister the fast friend and mentor.

Be this the Grand Mother with her affectionate moral teachings.

Be this the daughter who keeps home lively always and at times behave like friend, mother.

Be this the daughter in law who brings lot of pleasure moments, throws herself for the peace, prosperity of the family.

Be this the Wife the life partner who always stays with you in good and bad times and endeavors to make you feel king always.

Here wishing all women a great International women's day.

- Sunil S Okhade

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