Is it a right precedence?

Bhopal [ maha media] Mamta Banerji the CM of West Bengal had staged dharma against her getting restricted by the election commission for the election related canvasing following few of her instigating statements in the recent past.Indeed her functioning has always been contentious and she has always been working with no respect to the center and its agencies either as is evident from her total style of functioning.She has tried to play all the possible gimmicks she must have acquired and might have developed an agreement to her opinion for she appears to have no advisor to any of her moves. People who had certain say within the party felt suffocating and left the party in disagreements of many issues as the exodus has itself been the testimony of the same.Such a major exodus from the party should have been made her alert and must have given her a school of thought and also a need to introspect as to why these happening?

However, rather than improvising her own strategies after careful and honest self-evaluation that  she could have, she chose to initiate  unnecessary confrontation and has  multiplied many issues for grave concerns although it could have been overlooked.

More importantly as could be probably concluded that instead making grounds for her own platform she threw herself to prove her moves right over BJPs stand in all the respect and nonetheless this she appeared gaining anonymity and disagreements from the people of west Bengal.

The poll results will have its own statement that whether she will continue her rains in the state or will have to hand it to others but the kind of strategic turn this has featured for others to make a mark specially to BJP shall remain there in the history.

The kind of incidences that have had influences on the electioneering for which didi seems to have no regrets is a bit serious and raises a lot of questions that where are we heading for the political gains although this stands true for all the parties in the fray.

Dissidents have always been raising heads in all the political parties on various counts mostly for the sake of their unfulfilled ambitions yet the spate of such disgruntled numbers is cause for concern and should not make an ahead way either for the political parties good is what looked after for.


- Sunil S Okhade

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