Is this a right debate. ?

The recent debate between President Trump and his opposition Biden explicitly brings one point that the politicking world over now is facing an indecent scenario where the respect for the opposition appears insignificant.

The kind of statements made by both i.e president Donald Trump and democratic Jhon Beden itself is loud and clear that the mutual respect of both the leaders was at stake.

Whether it is Mr. Trump the president and the democrat Mr. Beden both have exchanged unpleasant and derogatory remarks for each other.  Trump also never even tried to keep his posture and language in order thus we witnessed the first ever president debate that had tremendous scope of fruitful discussion in view of the ensuing elections and related aspects have gone in vain due to the personal allegations over the issues of national interests.

The ambiguity created by Mr. Trump for the voting system and the doubts raised of its authenticity following the covid 19 issues has further complicated the existing tension thereto.

What should have been stressed upon and expected of the debate basically was to defend the individual policies propagation. The ideal method should have been for the both to place before the public the individual priorities with relevant clarifications, valid reasons instead putting it for discussion with the unanswered queries of the people.

While all the policies that has a larger impact on the interest of general people Mr. trump kept on fumbling be it a Medical policies, woman’s right, immigration issues, unemployment and many such issues that has a continuous impression over the daily life of the large number of population similarly Mr. Biden also does not seem to have any original idea yet probably will feature more importantly with the policies that had its own course during the ex-President MR Obama thus representing the predecessor of Mr. trump.

The cause of serious concern is the growing attitude in the recent past to speak indecently during the election campaigning without even forgetting the office held.

We may probably forget such incidents over the years due to short memories and cropping up priorities subsequently yet in directly these representations of the leaders somewhere or other has a bigger impressions on the overall thought process of the people of the  nation and so is the in general subconscious reciprocations of the masses world over. 

The big question that needs its model answer before it goes to its worst status.

- Sunil S Okhade

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