Joe Biden –Kamla harris Administration

Joe Biden –Kamla harris Administration has started and all the gestures across are exhibition of the first lady acceptance for the responsible position who not only is the first lady to be sworn in but also the first indo-american.

Although the past president Trump followers claim her to be Socialist trojan horse yet her presence everywhere during all the important planned assignments states all about her wielding enormous power in the store.

Indeed the joint venture of these two heading the administration of the nation shall bring a changing scenario and the testimony of the same seems to be there with the reentry of the USA in WHO and its proposed changed policies in the context of immigrants coupled with the seriousness the duo have expressed in respect of the foreign policies .

The demonized declared Kamla Hariies was seen welcomed by the colleagues in US Senate so probably this must be premature to address anything about her possible activities vis a vis influence in the USA administration that has been speculated rather instigated by the opposition to dishearten her candidature for the covative position that she now possess.

With all his enthusiasm and the earlier hardships Joe Biden is now President USA and is bagged by the lady Kamala Harris and the kind of confidence during the ceremony extended by gestures and word by three past president i.e Barack Obama, Clinton and Reagan itself is the testimony of good projections for the future that must be certainly looked forward.

Notwithstanding all the changes and steps for initiation of a new USA under the leadership of Joe-Kamla along the entire USA administration throws a positive environment for the world affairs too as is evident from the changing status of Share Market too.

It’s going to be good to see that Indian PM continues with his confident move to counter any cleaver intentions and to take up the changing situation for the good for the openness that is the need of the hour and the requisite seriousness in management of pandemic shall as well deal with the probable

 Challenges ahead in the immunization schedule and of that of vaccination consequently monitoring needs clear direction to the paramedics and thus all good things might take place in one place.

- Sunil S Okhade

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