Lancet Approves covaxin

This news is encouraging and substantiates the scientific validity to the so called controversies of the safety aspect of the covaxine, the vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech an indigenously developed vaccine to combat the infamous virus Covid 19.

The popular medical journal Lancet the infectious disease on Friday has mentioned that covaxin is a safe vaccine and the mild problems like pain at the site of the prick followed by fatigue and headache, fever etc.  Is very normal and insignificant gets over after a certain period which is considered one of the reference magazine amongst the medical fraternity has also envisaged and covered in detail of the efficacy part of covaxine thus now the vaccine becomes the first covid 19 magazine to find its due space in reputed magazine like lancet.

Now this is a testimony of the efficacy of the vaccine ruling out all the unfounded rumors pertaining to the vaccine which appears to be deliberately spread over for the sake of ambiguity.

Many Doctors and paramedical also have responsibly stated the efficacy of the vaccine thus leaving no scope for the false propagation for the vaccine.

Ideally speaking it is a matter of great pride for all to celebrate that an Indian origin pharmaceutical company has developed an efficacious vaccine that has got an approval of the popular medical General too.

This pride must be looked at up over the party politics and in the interest of the common welfare of the people.

Creating a confusion and rumors generation puts common people especially those who are illiterate under the cloud and thus they escape from the responsibility of getting vaccinated for their own safety in fear of getting side effects.

There is a need for general awareness that the one getting vaccinated must honestly report any prevailing disease he/she is suffering from that might have a potential hazardous effect so the individual will not get the vaccine shot unless his major prevailing issue is addressed.

Nevertheless, the efficacy of the vaccine now proved with the uses and shall be confirmed over the uses as this happens in majority of newly introduced drugs, vaccines and other parenteral administrations etc.the unnecessary claims made of its being harmful etc must now be checked and should not be promoted or covered by the media rather must bring the positive aspect of the same for a crystal clear image of the vaccine that is developed to overcome the suspected targeted virus and nothing else.

Hope the right sense prevails in the national interest over politicking.

- Sunil S Okhade

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