Learn to live with it for everyone’s welfare

Partial lockdowns are again here to stay this seems for people are behaving casually notwithstanding the instructions and public awareness programmes.

As can be seen through TV channels reports that the people in general across the country move unmasked or partially covered that has no relevance and protection as such.

The reasons perhaps of the surge in newly reported cases may be the carelessness of the people.

Mumbai, Delhi type metros are also witnessing the incremental cases.

MP, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat all are the suffering state.MP is observing the Saturday up to Monday morning lockdown.

But is this the only solution?

We are again at the crisis of the pandemic that has re-entered silently to create a kind of terror.

The need is to be safe and ensure meticulous implantation of the safety norms.

There is no reason to get frightened but get alert of the real facts and be ready to face it.

The vaccines are here to safeguard, yet the onus of our own safety lies with us, the administration is doing its duty yet people in general must adhere to the prescribed norms for the safe transition of this pandemic for which we have no option now but to face it.

Staying home for a longer period yet attending to the official task is a mandate, for how long the activities may be halted that is  neither in the national interest nor in the personal benefit so need of the hour is to honestly and bravely counter the situation prevailing and avoid unnecessary exposure as far as possible.

We must now learn to live with it for everyone’s welfare.

- Sunil S Okhade

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