Mamata's historic hat-trick !

The cleen sweep ot two-third seats by Mamata Banerjee's Trinmool Congress (TMC) is an appaling loss for BJP leadership, which had turned the Assembly elections into a personality clash by making the now infamous catcall---"Didi--O--Didi"-- the signature tune of the poll.
No doubt, this scale  of overnight success has turned her into a star in the national political firmament. Even her personal loss from Nandigram constituency tells the story of a gritty woman, who took the battle to the enemy camp.
Beyond all the analysts and interpretation that will come to attend the quite astounding, and sobering, the verdict of the people of West Bengal, this is Mamata's finest hour. She had the most formidable and dubiously loades war chest thrown at her, volley upon volley, dare upon belowing dare; she took the blows with grit and with pugnacity and exhausted them. In the process of one-legged gallantry, she has scored a steller breach in raging myth of Indian politics--Narendra Modi and Amit Shah formed.
And what worked for TMC? It focused on consolidating its base and ensuring it turn out to vote, as well as presenting Mamata Didi as an organic leader. It took advantage  of BJP's lack of a pan-Bengal face and stretched organisation. However, in a contest that was a so one-sided in Bengal, it is a measure of BJP's social engineering efforts  that in the 84-reserved seats, the party almost equalled TMC's tally winning 41 and losing 43 to TMC.
The West Bengal election results also meant that the state has lived up to its reputation of giving a party or front a long rope. The Congress government for the first two decades after Independence, the Left for over three decades and now Mamata Banerjee is guaranteed at least 15 years in office.

- -- Prabhakar Purandare

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