Maoist Menace

Maoist ambush in Chhattisgarh again points towards a fact that the menace of the ultras can be better managed only by the mutual cooperation of the centre and states.

Any blame game is simply escaping from the responsibilities and lack of coordination.

Home minister’s quick change of programme and visit to the bereaved families and to the incident place itself indicates the gravity of the situation.

The serious manpower loss and many had a serious hurt itself is very shocking.

Reportedly the ambush took place while the security forces were returning from the probable spot finding none there and the Maoist on the way trapped the security forces with a calculated plan and move. Meaning the ultras had their homework proper in place and were determined for the happenings.

The need obviously always raises to be on cooperative mode above the political mileages while such status of national security matter crops up.

Need also is to introspect before launching any operation involving large group that is easy for people to observe and easy target for trap in spite of all the alertness.

Often in such cases the locals interest for their vested interest or certain terror initiated or influenced support cannot be ruled out nevertheless all the assurances of the safety promises for the common man has his or her own limitations and concerned that is decisive at times in their probable moves and attitudes under such circumstances.

There appears a dire need for the kind of support and developing the system that can put common people rest assured of their rescues under these situations.

Problem is that people in general do not have faith on the government machineries for they have absolute different experience altogether that does not give them confidence on the administrations.

A conceding of these facts may be of significance if taken up seriously.

- Sunil S Okhade

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