Meaning of  U Turn

PM while addressing stated that the congress party is trying to take a u turn from its own stand. Referring to the past PM Dr Manmohan Singh’s statement regarding the farm laws, he categorically made a point in the presence of Dr Manmohan singh and suggested congress to at least approve now and feel proud that Modi Government is following what Dr Singh wished.

Indeed the fact is that the congress and other opposition parties are opposing with no thought on this and surprisingly advocating something that has hardly any relevance. Understanding the true intent PM has rightly pointed out that the right legislation that shall benefit the farmers must get a grand applause from all especially when these reforms were initiated even by today’s opposition. Capt. Amerindia Singh who clearly agreed with the reforms suggested by the committee presided over by Montek Singh ji but now is so helpless looking at the current priorities of the congress of opposing the incumbent because the support shall strengthen or consolidate the position of the government headed by Modi .

Vested interest in politicking are that important that the places that have a good impact and strategically relevant for the greater interest of the farmers are also made to reject and oppose.

PM therefore mentioned about the term “Andolan Jeevi” instead of Andolankari for these are the protestors that are not looking for solution but are trying to keep the issue burning as is evident circumstantially.

The scrupulous efforts and suggestions of Minister Tomar and others involved have been refused.

Tomar in his address also asked what is that “kala” or black in the farm laws to which the opposition does not have any concrete answer or solution.PM has made it crystal clear that MSP is there to stay and is an integral part of the same notwithstanding the same there appears no consensus intentionally this seems.

The protest is somewhat or other is taking different turn, how can one be oblivious of the truth which is evident ?

- -Sunil S Okhade

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