Mission separate state

BJP led Government although is fairly doing well, nevertheless facing the large scale protest of farmers.

Many challenges shall always be a part of the functioning for any incumbent yet today’s opposition is irresponsibly shrugging its responsibility and indirectly promoting sedition as is evident from the leaders total reciprocation towards the shameful incident of Red forte on republic day.

Managing these challenges ahead, the government also is trying to get through the ensuing legislative assembly elections in West Bengal where the status is a bit alarming for the government there and equally for BJP who is trying to get firm foothold in west Bengal where this appears to have establish its presence with the frequent acknowledgements in view of exodus of the big leadership from Trinmul congress to BJP.

The anti-incumbency and the internal politicking of the party could be the hidden reasons for the current affairs there.

However, the fight is still tough for BJP notwithstanding apparent support yet BJP as well is serious in making and leaving its dent over West Bengal voters for their franchise.

The issue of Gorkha land again is initiating and the responsible leader has enunciated the move.

The challenge before the Central Government led by PM Modi is to pacify the half a century demand of statehood to gorkhaland which recently conveyed tripartite meeting was earlier tilted as

‘Discuss issue related to Gorkhaland that later was redesigned as “Issues related to Gorkhaland territorial administration” after the objection of CM WB.

The issue has again cropped up with the elections in the corner that happens every election time that the issue of separate statehood gets its head high and later its put under the carpet.

This time with the changing situations CM Banerjee might have a different stand yet the issue may go haywire for supporting the West Bengal population that has some issues in accepting Bengali as state language and Nepali is the common peoples accepted language.

BJP may have some tough situations with this prevailing situation as is evident.

The nerve of the common people as such is difficult at times to ascertain yet the way the central leadership has been making its presence felt and as the influential leadership all across the state is joining the BJP.

It might have the opportunities to address the long pending issue amicably however the consensus appears a bit complicated.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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