Myanmar under military rule

Myanmar has again stepped into the military rules that had its long tenure since 1962 to 2011 which was successfully taken up by aung san kui and she could establish the democracy in the state in 2011 till the coup in 2021.The youth in Myanmar “Burma”in the past has been advocating democratically elected government and its ruling over the Myanmar for over all development of this naturally beautiful and rich country.

The coup has again flared up the violence across the state that has also witnessed lot of atrocities under which the brutality against the women and the children is evident.

The revolutions in Myanmar has long reaching effects on the nations i.e. Japan,India and China that has ambitious plans of direct energy supply lines ,China also aspires for various port facilities .

Circumstantially this can be clearly understood and as such is evident that the military of Myanmar which is also termed as Tatmadaw although had a support of the public yet ever since the democratic process are initiated by the NLD led by Aun San Suui Kyi the ideological change could be witnessed in the nation. The younger generation obviously refute any such act that disturbs the growth prospects at the hands of the anarchies created by the Tatmadaw.  Japan, China, India all are equally worried and therefore express their concerns for the ongoing protest that has totally ruined the environment in the state of Myanmar.

Therefore this is by all means very significant and as well pertinent for India that could perhaps make an impact on the military interventions for arresting the peace process and may script the better strategies for Myanmar’s military heads although is a challenging task altogether.

The Asian countries that may prove to be a better mentor under these circumstances it seems are the nations like japan, India ,Even China that has many vested interest for them as well for the normally restored not only shall be of importance to the country in miserably violent status but also for these Asian countries over all peace and relevant development processes.

This is going to be therefore interesting to witness the probable step forwards in the context and undoubtedly with the far-reaching effects for Myanmar’s future.

- Sunil S Okhade

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