Political changes in Nepal

KP Sharma oli shall be sworn in once again on Friday  at 2PM as PM.

The president Nepal has once again extended an opportunity to sharma.

The basic reason for his comeback seems to be the failure of opposition to prove collective majority.

Opposition that had won initially the confidence with 124 votes against 93 of Oli yet could not arrange for 12  members on account of the lack of consensus and one party bring decisive in this regard.

This is speculated that a section of the  party was in favour of reins to be again acceoted by oli for oli government could manage Madhesi issue briliantly.

Maovadi and Nepal congree thus could not make a headway notwithstanding the vote of confidence in their favour that was instrumental of stepping down of oli government yet the failure in proving majority has resumed oli goverment in power within three days.

This therefore is evidence if good crisis management of KP Oli The PM.

The call of the time therefore moved in the direction of oli government.

Oli has 30 days to place claim for floortest. Any ways Oli today is takin an oath.

- Sunil S Okhade

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