Politics of circumstances

Politics has always been building on the opportunities and circumstances, the ensuing elections of Bihar or by elections of MP all are promoted based on the circumstantial benefits.
Well we may put this as timely decision or change in the thought process too.
Tejasvi focusing on employment in Bihar nevertheless the popular concept of politicking there may be a kind of paradigm over there at Bihar politics.
MP nothing new that you witness the shift of the responsibilities and blame game with unparliamentarily words could be heard in the air.
Similarly, another precedence is set at the election time in India is with the association of USA with the signing of defense deal that can be of assistance in all the three defense forces in preventing the malafide intents of  other countries.
The step forward here is considered rather clearly points towards the luring technique of the privileged Indian group residing in USA during the election that are foreseen to be an interesting one with the close fight and mention of outside forces intervention that could be the influencing or rather decisive factor during the forthcoming polls there at the united states of America. However the deal could benefit India it seems.
The defense and the foreign minister of USA have visited India in order to sign the deal that is expected and of significance in view of the defense.
The allegation against china at either country being instrumental of spreading the coved 19 world over and the inflammatory speech of our Kashmiri leaders to seek guidance of the china for revolving the article 35A and article 370 and recognizing the Indian flag only after the restoration of the same is all to lure the local dynamics and with clear intention of the vested interest keeping no national interest in the mind.
Politics is all about the managing the current circumstances for the vested immediate interest with no long term benefit plan of national interest.This is sad but the fact and is world over.

-  Sunil S Okhade

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