Power full opposition is a requisite

The current circumstances are showing gradual loose grounds for Congress.

If we take the performance of the party in recently held elections in Bihar and By elections in the state of Madhya Pradesh following a big exodus of the congress people under the leadership of Jyotiraditya sindhia.

This appears to be an encouraging sign that the senior leaders of congress like Chidambaram also mentioned and brought attention towards the pathetic and precarious situation of the party after evaluating the recently held elections.

Imperative under the circumstances is an honest review of the ground level positioning of the party, which is evident as serious and call for remedial measures and brainstorming sessions.

There has been the tradition of reluctant discussions or not even discussing the disappointments and disagreements coupled with cause of defeats in the party forum too as is often realized and reported. The recent dissidence can be taken as an example then the senior leadership needs this to clearly absorb and ponder over for better.

Any party has firm steps in the ground level, the absolute realizations of the realities and no escaping from the realities is only the correct method proved as yet.

A strong opposition obviously is the need always for the health of the democracy as they say so the only party that could stand to the test of time in the context appears the age old party provided it comes up with the deep slumber of self-appreciation and sycophancy of one family that is the biggest cause of the debacle as is reportedly understood and circumstantially proves to be right.

The time never goes away from any defeated status unless the correct evaluation is initiated.

This is undoubtedly good for the nation to have the incumbent that is performing its duties with all the grace and dedication.

Many development oriented programs have yielded good results and certain bold decisions have proved to be debatable that could perhaps leave its dent over the years performance and experimentation.

Decisions are often needs to be taken and delaying it is not always good the current incumbent at the center and in many states needs to be careful and vigilant in execution for its all the plans so far have been doing good by and large the critics would always try to focus the flaws and for the exactly the same reason a positive and powerful opposition is always a need of the hour for any party at the power.

- Sunil S Okhade

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