Precarious circumstances 

Certain things do not seem to be improving in congress notwithstanding all the debacles.

This is reported that the voice is again raised for Rahul to accept the active responsibility of party president position and Mrs Gandhi is all set to ensure that those dissidents and certain undisclosed dissidents join the consensus so called.

Kamalnath’s recent meeting with Sonia Gandhi appears the foundation of the same and Dig Vijay has openly supported the move for clearing Rahul’s ways nevertheless his stating of non-conceding the same.

Sonia Gandhi is keen for the same and is trying hard through Kamalnath to manage the senior leadership that has expressed the displeasure for recent defeats of the party.

The reform and introspection for the old party, certainly is needed of the time and under the circumstances honest realization and strategies for reestablishing the lost grounds must be initiated which in no way appears in the circle rather sycophancy coming up in different flavor and form.

This is truly in the interest of the healthy democracy that there has to be strong and fruitful opposition that brings the expressions against and in favour of the incumbent however the recent moves of none the party appears anyways pragmatic and future oriented.

There does not seem to be any productive move that can assure a true opposition representation for the constructive leadership that poses the true challenges for the ruling party.

All we can do is wait and expect for the revolutions and certain miracles to happen for the circumstances currently appear to be with no suggestions whatsoever.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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