Protest or Insurrection?

President elect Joe Biden has rightly stated that it is not protest but insurrection. 

True the manner by which after finally declaring Biden as the next president and the trump supporters staging a protest  trying to vandalize the capitol building is perhaps one in the history of the USA.

All past presidents i.e Jorge bush, bill clinton, Obama all have condemned a subverted incident attempt. 

Indian PM Modi’s reaction also came in fast, stating that democracy cannot sustain with such unlawful means.

Defying the democratic elect processes Trump and his supporters are only showcasing the frustration and the pandemonium created in the capitol has surprised all the world capitals for the act can never be approved or seconded by any one.

An impeachment process or even a process of claiming the trust vote may be initiated albeit the process is long and might take time so chances are that the pence might have initiated the process of 25th Amendment that shall declare that Trump is removed forthwith and is no way suitable or fit to continue with.

The  day portrays the negative signs  for the biggest democracy of the world cannot be now undone yet the ways the world and within the USA the storm of condemning got initiated itself is a proof of the world rejecting all the moves notwithstanding Trumps all the efforts of defying with the electoral process for which perhaps no one has so far raised any doubt.

However, this shocking incident could spark certain messages that the course of law is the final authority, any attempt of playing with the same is counterproductive and shameful by any standards be whoever the preparator be.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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