Punjab Crisis

Nothing appears in order in Punjab right now, since the state is facing the crisis of coal, electricity and urea following the protests of the farmers for MSP issues and so on.

The rail blockade hence has resulted in the disturbances of supplies that has also affected other states like J&K, HP and Ladakh obviously together with the Punjab.

Railway freight movements not only have deprived the shortages of essentials in Punjab but have impacted many other states and subsequently the major losses to the railways too.

The state is under pressure coupled with these events that are witnessing the worst stages on each day passing.

The delegation for conceding resumption of freight trains  although had one meeting with Railway minister Piyush Goyal, now intends and scheduled to see the Home minister on Saturday in this respect.

Need seems to deal this with the pragmatic way for the losses incurred at the state and the neighboring states compound too high and could be further increased as appears to be.

This is true that the protest in interest of the farmers as is envisaged needs a focus from all those more than forty organizations that are representing the issue MSP with the government has all the prerogative of propagation and ensure the welfare but must also seriously consider that  the other citizens of the state also gets their dues for the right s in democracy of getting all the facilities uninterrupted and the peace process for smooth conduct is the prerequisite for all the walks of life.

Preventing or halting any kind of services that has a larger impact on the public life is always questioned for any agitation nevertheless the call of intensifying the same but in order to get on section of the people’s right protected, others get deprived of for no fault of theirs.

Therefore the ideal is to find out the middle and pragmatic path keeping egos aside and finding a solution which perhaps may be met once the delegation has one more meeting with the senior minister as is reported and indicates positive signs.

- Sunil S Okhade

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