Quad meet

Quad meet had many important resolutions. India, Australia, USA, Japan, are the four countries that consist of the QUAD framework. QUAD has conducted a meet observing the rising influence of China to effect the regional economy.

The economic coercion need to be checked in the indo pacific region and it’s the right time to combat the claimed hegemony of china in the region.

The four countries alliance obviously is to limit such endeavours of China.

After assuming the power Joe Biden administration of USA has emphasized and mobilized all the four allies of indo pacific region to strengthen the efforts thus limiting the growing influence of China with the mutual cooperation of these four democracies that has its own influences and programmes that cannot be carried away with such speculations and forced efforts.

PM Modi has rightly pointed out during his address that its an alliance for global welfare and shall consolidate the issues of pertinence in association of four active and powerful democracies of indo pacific region.

China therefore has got alert signal and is protesting therefore to safeguard now and attempting to consolidate its position for China has realized that the group work of the four allies may arrest the intent of China and may give rise to the tarnishing image already maligned through the coved 19 perpetrator’s image.

Who although has recently made a statement that the virus was not evidently found developed form the targeted nation yet this may not be ruled out that the proper initial care was not initiated that intimidated the situation world over.

Time obviously is to address such issues and attempts that may influence the world economy and put the world on relentless struggle of fighting with the existence.

So timely check on any such efforts of initiating an economic coercion must be stopped then and there in the best interest of the world.

- Sunil S Okhade

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