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Pakistan’s Action after long against Lakhvi and his subsequent imprisonment indicates only one seriousness that the state of Pakistan is worried of FATF that can read in between the lines and might go against of Pakistan. FATF the money laundering and terror financing watchdog that ascertains and control the harms of these international funding status of the nations that might have deleterious effects.Any ways this is good that the action is initiated and the recent acknowledgement of the airstrike and its consequences as well is agreed upon by a senior official whereas the incumbent have been refusing of even such happenings itself is the testimony of the compromising state of Pakistan on very account of global changes. India too is a member of FATF, which was established in 1989 by G7 at Perris to keep a check on the international funding that could influence the banking system and might give rise to the irregularities and embezzlements at many stages.FATF's strict watch  have kept now Pakistan in yellow list, while Iran and North Korea are blacklisted, Pakistan’s fear is following all these happenings and it’s featuring in yellow list that has probabilities of getting into the black list.Pakistan already facing financial crisis cannot afford to have any such status that can limit its credit score.Its actions that have recently been initiated concerning the ultra’s activities directs towards the same for its seriousness was never there in Pakistan for such sensitive global issue and rather had a hidden protection agenda for all the terror outfits with its facilitating their own land for the activities to the ultras which has been many a times proved yet never agreed upon by the state of Pakistan.Recent incidents across the world and within the country have alerted Pakistan that appears reason for its changed stand which is certainly for the good of its own survival and obviously for the world peace too.Incidental black out across the states of Pakistan perhaps are directions towards certain secret warnings concerning its safety that appears to be well realized by the governance

Sunil S Okhade








- Sunil S Okhade

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