Scripting new Success in Bihar

As that Nitish Kumar has once again is sworn in as CM Bihar with the allies of NDA.

BJP appears to have the driving seat in practically all the affairs however with all the repsect to all the allies as appears to be apparently.

Hence even though there are rounds of discussion pertains to the probable two Deputy CMS with the proposed name of Tarkeshwar Prasad and Renu Devi as the most probable deputies and Sushil Modi is unlikely to be repeated as the next Deputy Minister.

There does not seem to be any kind of ruckus to for the decision and party sources state this all with consensus which is a welcome sign. Nevertheless, that many probable ministerial birth likely to go for the new comers and first time ministers.

Off course the home, finance the important port folios, notwistanding all the equations perhaps should go to the experienced.

BJP showed its leadership with the very presence of all the leaders of repute i.e. Amit Shah,JP Nadda and  Devendra Fadnavis.

Although this seems to be BJP on the driving seat for which even CM Nitish does not seem to exhibit any reluctance for the actual position for the formation of the government and the circumstantial adjustments keeping local dynamics of the caste equations etc. need the balance.

The balance of the kind required for all to get complacency and for the smooth conduct and execution of the governance thus certainly may be scripted successfully that can be and must be speculated keeping in mind all the options for the proposed balance ministerial equations having many inexperienced candidates so to say.

Any ways considering all the available and best options this is quite hopefully thought about of the future of Bihar development centric and not the anarchies that CM Nitish Kumar could have a control so far significantly and that has gained him the verdict and opportunity too in his favour .

- Sunil S Okhade

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