Speech parexcellance

They say that an actor and politician often mesmerize people by their respective acting and good speech.

While an actor moves the public entering into the skin of the character and creates the suitability of the scene through his marvelous acting a political leader leaves no stone unturned to attract the public through his good oratory capabilities.

PM Modi has set a precedent with his ardent oratory skills in Rjaysabaha but his deliveries were natural and free of biases.

He adroitly expressed his emotions about the senior parliamentarian Gulam Nabi Azad’s attributions in his entire career, be he was within the government or he was playing the role of opposition.

PM mentioned his wise, prudent and responsible contributions towards the national interest above political vested interests. PM made a mention of the farm laws and impasse that has been causative of the long protest and requested of calling off the agitation mentioning that the opposition specially congress should be happy that he is compelled to follow what Dr Manmohan Singh the past PM had initiated in the farmers interest.

He was emotional many a times and burst in tears yet his expressions appeared honest and from the heart.

Azad also expressed his opinion with conviction and honesty.

He said that the praise is indeed a confirmation for congress role in the nation building and not anything of his in person

After a very long time perhaps such classic expressions witnessed by the nation during the parliamentary procedures while paying his respect to his attributions and concerns all through his career and mentioning of his close ties with Azad PM appeared sentimental and set a high standard of the speech at such occasions.

Opposition obviously shall have its own point of view and may have adjectives for the PM’S presentation for which they have all right reserved, yet the gesture made by PM of the nation establishes once again a fact that you can learn from the followers and opposition and you may have critic approach and listening, learning attitude together.

Hope the nation shall have many such class speeches in the ensuing sessions of the parliamentary procedures.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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