Splendid success of TMC

Mamta Benerji has won the election with sizable margin thus all the speculations pertaining to the Bengal's reins on whose hand are over.
The significant evaluation that is crystal clear is the total washout of congress and left.The election was as if held between BJP and TMC. Although probability for TMC was there yet the margin is flabergasted.
This might be stated as conjecture that the antiincumbancy was there yet as is evident from the election results the incumbent had made it.Probably the locals have believed for their welfare with the TMC neverthless all the propagated opporunities inview of people's disappointments for incumbent.
The election results although points towards the extended confidence in CM Benerjee's leadership yet BJP's incremental 70 seats also are testimony of the headway of the BJP.
Change do not happen overnight specially in states with conservative thought or point of view  where people are mostly  reluctant with outsiders or Bahire Manus.
We tend to forget analysing correctly in success or failure status for we get carried away with rhe ultimate results.
The exodus of opinions of this poll from even film people like swara Bhaskar and others mentioning victory of TMC as the national victory is simple exagaration and this would have been the same way had BJP won.
Public opinions keep changing with the experience notwithstanding the facts often.
By all means CM Benerjees third consecutive win must prove fruitful for the welfare of the West Bengal this is what is looked forward.

- Sunil S Okhade

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