Stubborn and hostile China

Hostile China has once again got exposed with her evil intentions for the probability expressed by the energy minister Maharashtra of the hands of china’s cyber-attack as a major cause of the sabotage the state had to suffer on 12th of October last year that halted the trains and created panic and inconvenience in the hospitals too making the pandemic challenges more alarming for the state to manage.

The latest study of an American mentioning the alleged attempts of china to strive for making an entry to the power grid and sabotaging the same for the finite length of time making the situation horrible for a number of people in the metro city Mumbai.

The evil intentions of China that disguises often friend but behaves as foe is evident from many of her attempts be it crossborder influxes and intrusions or the kind of cyber-attacks it tries to impose not only on the Indian state but for the world crisis too.

We must remain alert with the wicked intentions of this stubborn neighbor that keeps on troubling the state’s peaceful coexistence with its neighbor. History has time and again proved that India has never attacked any one so far post independence and have tried to abide by the treaties agreements with whichever country of any nature the Indian state entered with. However India has never looked back and has bravely taught the tough lessons too to all those who tried to challenge and misunderstood the peace keeping efforts of India as the sober nature of the state.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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