Testing time of Trinmul 

Bhopal [ mahamedia] Trinmul Congress led by CM West Bengal Mamta Banerjee is in difficulty following the resignations of its stalwarts such as Sudhendu Adhikari ,Jitendra Tiwari ,and the recent is a women MLA   and D Chaudhary of SBTC and Kabri ul islam also has tendered his resignation who was heading the minority cell.
All these incidents are coinciding with the visit of Home minister Amit Shah  on Friday and speculations are made that these disgruntled members might join hands with BJP.
Something is not in order in Trunmul that is causing these cascade of events, which cannot be just a coincidence but may be the consequences of the suppression of either expressions or actions that has emerged as the decisions of quitting  the party.
Recent incident of irregularities and irresponsible management of the security of J.P Naddas rally as well has been causative of varied talks that keeps on lingering in the air of and suggestive of a probable debacle and emergent situation in west Bengal.
Center has also asked of the three senior IPS deputation on various responsibilities at center for which the state government appear reluctant and even stated of being ready accepting the president governance if need be.
Mamata Banerjee the CM has convened today the special meeting in order to review the status however the party sources have denied of the nature of the meeting as an emergency clarifying that the party head and the CM Bengal has been meeting in phases regularly with the party functionaries on Fridays.Its a regular review meeting this reiterated. 
What ever could be the reasons, yet the current circumstances do not signal all is well situation for West Bengal and thus this is right time for the corrections and revisiting the plan for the ensuing elections in the state could prove to be a tough task for Trinmul as appears circumstantially.
BJP off course is on its mission West Bengal with strategic reforms and managed plans seems confident of the good performance in forthcoming elections.
The foundation stone for the same is it now with the visit of Amit Shah? Will be interesting to note and observe.









- Sunil S Okhade

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