The ensuing elections of Bengal   

The ensuing elections of Bengal may any day be scheduled and therefore the activities of the political parties especially that of the incumbent and BJP are at its peak.

CM Mamta Banerjee does not wish to leave any efforts to lure the voters of West Bengal and she has created a kind of a ring around her that keeps her always motivated and convinced of her invincibility. That’s  the reason probably she still poses hope full of her victory nevertheless many of her stalwarts have left her party stating and raising nepotism and exhibited their open discontent towards Prahant Kishore’s strategies.

The latest debacle in view of CBI raid at her nephew Abhishek Banerjee's  place alleging her daughter in-laws illegal transactions has further put fuel into the ongoing adversity for her in the state politics.

Her all the moves to establish that she is being treated differently and her assignments and concerns are purposely delayed or overlooked appears only frustrated gestures for the same has no base.

The latest is her demand from the center of demand for vaccines with the repercussions of the same after injecting on the center and her recommendation for the free vaccination in the state she presumes shall get her the political mileage.

The Government at the center has clearly understood her master plan and stated that she should first utilize the supplied quantity of vaccine and the same is substantiated with the data of actual pricks that is evident that are as good as negligible.

Her attempts of questioning the airstrikes authenticity, making Tata’s to go away from sangroor and losing state exchequer an opportunity and employment opportunities for the state people, her attempt of defaming the state with her various whimsical imaginary representations all have already created disappointments across the state.

However, the surveys speak of her acceptance as CM choice by the public seems to be a bit ambiguous.

Whatever is stored in the future’s womb is although tough to ascertain right at this moment for the voter’s nerve is not that easy to truly evaluate.

At times speculations and the real results do not match is a proven historical fact so all we can do is to wait for the elections to happen and its results shall point the right direction and future of West Bengal.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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