The Himalayan catastrotrophy

The Himalayan catastrotrophy has once again warned against the cruel behaviour with the nature and subsequent revolt of the nature which is obvious.

The glacier disrupted and had an impact on the dam which made gush of water entering into the adjoining villages and taking away lives of many.

The scenes of the tragedy are horrible and terrifies the spectator. How difficult and unmanageable this would have been for those who are managing the rescue operations.

Hats off to their brave efforts and sympathies for the bereaved families who lost Keith’s and kins.

The scientists have stated that in uttarakhand incident appeared happened not on account of glacier burst but the chances of water packets i.e lakes that are inside the glacier cannot be ruled out however they mentioned of probe into this first before finally ascertaining the definite reason of the tragedy yet the scientist opine of the snow avalanche that might have been the causative factor of the disastrous incident.

The possibility of global warming together with the probable temperature alterations in the Himalayan region must have been attributed to the incident along with the global warming.

Icimod I.E international center for integrated mountains development substantiated the theory and urged that if the temperature of the region could be well maintained about 15 degree that may be of assistance in managing the rise to the level of 2.2 degree appx which can be safe.

The incident anyways again justifies the global warming’s challenges and the kind of dangerous circumstances that might be there for the world to face.

High time to ponder over and promote awareness in this regard.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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