The Plot appeared Unearthed.

Is it not a cause of concern? when all the evidence shouts clearly the conspiracy to belittle the incumbent and specially the status of PM Modi by creating  the scenes of anarchy on the republic day which was alleged to be created to be infamous the responsible of the government and its agencies committed to safeguard the country in such emergent situation.

The plot appeared to unearth now with the evidence that speaks volumes in the context.

 Nevertheless, all the evil intentions of tarnishing the image of the nation by few with their cruel intent the alertness of responsibles have saved the face of the nation brilliantly.

The opposition has miserably failed in their so called stand for none of them could make any concrete point against the farm laws so called black status as is claimed by them and neither any one of them could speak of any relevant point that satisfies the justification of the support to the farmers agitation and its significance for making it a big issue.

The problem is that the opposition does not truly act as an opposition that responsibly brings the public welfare discussions.  

Only agenda of opposition is to see to it, raise the issues of the vested interest and create ambiguity for the common public to realize the facts in its right perspective.  Does that save democracy is the big question? and perhaps those who every now and then claim the concern for democracy refrain from actually adhering to the same.

This status is perhaps worst seen in ever since the independent nation started functioning with its own governance.

The matter of great relevance is that many opposition speaks in the same language that Pakistan and other countries are speaking whereas notwithstanding the difference of opinions the opposition should not really favour any such move or statement that invariably strengthens the neighboring countries that is constantly creating some or other issues with the nation that does not weaken the leader in particular but the nation and this is by all means wrong not standing with the nation’s government and advocating clearly the mala fide intent of other countries and an attempt of weakening India.   

- Sunil S Okhade

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