They Said it 

They say and try to impose all the blame on the neighbor India and again beat the trumpet of Kashmir as the center of it. General Bajwa has maintained the same what PM Imran Khan echoed and indeed since the independence all the heads of Pakistan state have been emphasizing upon the root cause of all the cross border tension to Kashmir issue.

Recent statement of one of the senate MR Mendiz also has some element of the same while suggesting to his envoy visiting India to take up the democratic issues on top that also envisages the abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir and subsequent arrest of many on sedition charges etc.

The kind of sentiments exhibited by these two important Pakistani’s obviously has no concrete base and has no supporting evidence that can carry away the concept placed by either of them recently.

The peace cannot be restored unilaterally and the cross border incidences this is the neighbor Pakistan has always been the preparatory and instigator this has been proved beyond doubt and not only India but the world is aware of the same.

Attempts of posing innocent and showing concern for peaceful coexistence therefore call for the basic understanding of the peace that appears always of no relevance with Pakistan this is now a valid truth.

Pakistan needs to first probe into its own governance that has a very miserable state and needs an urgent address.

One of the solutions that may perhaps in fact can assist the state of Pakistan is to develop the cordial neighborly relation without the kind of appeasement it has been so far instituting.

So it's easy rather convenient for the general to speak of and shrugging of the responsibilities towards India stating that it rests with India yet the bilateral agreement and efforts only can truly mean and implement the same for the mutual progress in all the fronts.

This is needless to mention that all the responsible of the neighboring state are clever enough to understand and perceive the same nevertheless their tactics of shifting this to India.

The world also realizes the reasons of status quo in the context so misleading emotional statements is futile exercise.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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