Tuesday is the day of verdict

Now that the elections campaigns have been silenced following the scheduled date of the election on Sunday both at MP and Bihar, the nerves are now towards the speculations of the winning over.

One aspect that goes on with the campaigning and appears a good change over the traditional political gimmicks is the shift of focus on the development while Central Lwa Minister Ravishankar Prasad approving the alliance and mentioning of the narrowed travel times in various destinations in Bihar with the advancement of the roads and subsequent reduced surface transport time.

The deficiency in the anarchies like the business of kidnaping and many other such acts that were prevalent before across the state and which have been the subject of the screenplays even of Bollywood.

The reluctance therefore appears in the usual portraying of the big names of RJD and focus towards the development actions could go for better.

MP as well where the by poll elections following exodus of congressmen to BJP happened resulting the step down of Kamnath government and come back of BJP led Shivraj Singh Chauhan Government stated of the similar scene and probable consequences, however, this is better to wait then speculate of the poll results for the actual verdict going to be in the ballot boxes on Tuesday after the voters exercise their franchise and record the verdict for the future to be government in the respective states.

Imperative is a stable government in wither state for the state and the nation’s development.

The pandemic although has indirectly hinted good gestures for evaluation to both the public and people’s representatives.

Hope the right sense will prevail for the better results in the interests mentioned above.

- Sunil S Okhade

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