Unfortunate Myanmar's coup

Democracy when was trying to take the baby steps and was endeavouring to establish itself firmly suddenly ac coup in Myanmar has turned the table and like a pointed spearhead wounded the aspirations of the voters that voted for better governance.

National League of democracy I.E NLD lead by AUNG SAN SUU KYI and the president U win Myint had a remarkable success with winning 386 seats for which the opposition USDP has been raising an issue of rigging in the elections based on which the Army of Myanmar who ha soft corner for USDP has detained Suu and Mr Myint the president.

Obviously the entire world leaders have condemned the action of Military, India as well has advocated reinstating the democratically elected government  for establishing the peace and releasing of suu immediately in order to stand by  the side of the democratic process. 

All fear that the army rule shall turn the status to dictatorship,as such emergency is pronounced for the year.

USA’S stand is made clear overtly of suspending the extended facilities that perhaps could make Army  concede, however the chances are grim of any faster change over.

This is unfortunate  however for  Myanmar that the nation was taking shape and was on its suitable path of democracy yet the sudden coup has trailed behind the progressive initiations, might arrest the natural growth of the nation.

Moreover, another cause that could play in shortly is  intervening attitude of   China and ambitions of ruling the southwest Asia for which the china appears always a step forward.

The trap therefore  is there for Myanmar and its consequent existence, which again directs towards the mercy and cushion of china.

Army off course had noticed the acceptance of these two leaders with the election results and found itself at the cross road that must have instigated for the coup because the very intention of army was to manage the line so that the army’s intervention in governance goes without hassles.

The problem that is anticipated by the Army with the growing acceptance of democratically elected leaders as threat for their influences in house.

Anyways the issue must take appositive course and earlier is better for the only methodology that could give a sustainable governance coupled with the prosperous future for the nation is the elected government that is committed to establish the democracy.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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