Unfounded concern of Canadian PM

Justin Trudeau the Canadian PMs attempt to intervene in the internal matter of Indian in context of the farmer’s agitation and subsequent impasse at Delhi, the Indian governments sharp reaction is not only appropriate but also suggestive and advisory to all such unscrupulous efforts that linger with their vested interest.

The reason for his such approach is evident with the sizable number of Indian Punjabis settled there at Canada and obviously impacting significantly the farm products there at canada.

Keeping them happy for the political gains is truly imperative for him yet he can address such local dynamics domestically for which he does not ideally need to interfere with the other countries domestic issues of any kind.

The unsolicited advice may be instrumental for varied confrontation so this clearly requires him to seriously concede, for such moves disrupt the balanced equations world over and often are uncalled for.

Serious is the indulgence of certain ultra-outfits reportedly to this influence and thus the issue is more worrisome and must be addressed on priority before such things can impact the prevailing situations.

Under any circumstances creating a confused state invariably poisons the environment and repurcate adversely for the peace process that is the necessity.

His reported connections with Khalistan supporters and his efforts of managing domestic politics might influence the two states relations that is to be understood by him precisely for his own political interest.

- Sunil S Okhade

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