United State Step Back

The Biden administration has finally concluded the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the date agreed upon is 11th September 21 as reported and understood..

Well, the Biden administration has pondered over the issue in the context of the political and geographical status that applies currently and evidently the Chinese challenge may be the causative factor as could perhaps be probed into it circumstantially.

The changes often roll the decisions, thus the long interventions of the US in the affairs of Afghanistan probably now sees its last days.

Taliban’s role may now get influenced and this indeed is an opportunity for the incumbent in India to ensure the remarkable responsibilities that the nation can initiate with its constant welfares that has a larger impact on today’s youth of Afghanistan that have no relevance and concerns with the Taliban ideology for they have not  anyways engrossed or made to be  indulged in the Taliban disciplines that were implied and often intimidated.

 The changed status may have perhaps its new scripts to write and might be a part of growing Afghanistan by way of an integral part of setting up the new avenues for the future course of action.

- Sunil S Okhade

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